Awards: Welcome MSK To The Awards, Continuing Their Support For The Circle’s NonProfit Work

MSK has been there for us. They’ve supported us during multiple New York Game Awards. They’ve been with us for the Talking Games With Reggie and Harold podcast fundraiser. The New York Videogame Critics Circle’s is thrilled that Marc Mayer, one of their lauded partners, continues to serve as our organization’s board treasurer. Now, they’re back for the 10th Annual New York Game Awards.

In fact, Marc has travelled from Los Angeles to New York City to attend the Awards. That in itself shows Marc’s – and MSK’s – commitment to our nonprofit.

At E3, MSK, along with the firm’s Joann Yoon, thoughtfully put together a fundraiser for the Circle’s nonprofit work – during their own E3 party. It was a stellar way to get the word out to some of the top executives and attorneys in the industry.

MSK have established precedent in some of the toughest cases in the history of gaming. In addition, time and time again, Marc, Joann and MSK come up with thoughtful ideas to help our underserved students.

We hope this partnership continues for years to come.

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