Awards! Welcome Wizards of the Coast As Our Headline Partner!

We are so stoked to announce that Wizards of the Coast is once again our Headline Donor for the 10th Annual New York Game Awards! Expect a special premiere trailer from Wizards of the Coast during our Awards ceremony. We’ve seen it and it’s really quite beautiful.

Just as a look back at history: Magic: The Gathering is the landmark trading card game from Richard Garfield that was loved by Wizards of the Coast’s then-CEO Peter Adkison when he saw it in the early 1990s. It changed so much about the very idea of trading card games when it was released in 1993. By 2015, the game had amassed 20 million players.

Fast Forward to 2021. Wizards continues to create awesome content and games for its fans. You’ll see what we mean when you view the gorgeous trailer tomorrow night during the Awards.

So welcome, Wizards of the Coast. We’re so glad to have you aboard – once again – for the 10th Annual New York Game Awards! You are really helping the students whom we help with our nonprofit thrive!

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