Awards: It’s A Brand New Day! A Look Back On Our First Award, And A Look Forward

By Harold Goldberg

It’s a brand new day! 10 years ago when Barack Obama was president, I was self-funding our first New York Game Awards. We took old Atari controllers procured from eBay, spray painted them gold, ripped little NYC plaques from dollar store key chains and glued them on the controllers, making an award. The winners seemed to like the DIY spirit, however. 10 years later, on the morning of an incoming, social justice-appreciating administration, we have a small but thriving, social justice-forward nonprofit that has helped thousands so far. And the Awards trophies look better, too. Watch the Inauguration today and breathe in the relief. Join us on Twitch and YouTube next week on 1/26 for the 10th Annual New York Game Awards with our awesome group and Reggie as we announce with joy and pride our new, paid student interns from the Bronx! And the Award winners!

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