Kudos From The NY Public Library!


By Harold Goldberg

We don’t usually tout our community service work here, although we sometimes mention what we’re doing in Manhattan, the Bronx and beyond.

But I think it’s OK to have someone do it for us, especially when it’s someone smart who knows the world of community service well. The New York Public Library’s Thomas Knowlton recently sent this note to the New York Videogame Critics Circle regarding our recent panel and day-long work at the main branch. Here’s the note in full:

Dear Harold and New York Videogame Critics Circle,

Thank you for hosting a fantastic panel at New York Public Library! 
We had a total attendance of 1,656 people at Summer Reading Games Day 2018, which was almost double last year’s inaugural event. 
It was great seeing so many patrons excited to hear you speak as well as to try out the Oculus Go at your table throughout the rest of the day. 
Thanks again for your great partnership and I hope we can find more ways to collaborate in the future!

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