Awards: Our Rockstar Documentary

The New York Game Awards as an event take a mammoth amount of preparation. Witness this Rockstar Games Tribute documentary that the New York Videogame Critics Circle put together. Over the course two weeks, critics made their way to a secret location to film their thoughts about the stories game company. Then, after being shot by videographer Victor Kalogiannis, Victor edited, and edited, and edited, until it was complete.

The documentary prefaced the presentation of the Andrew Yoon Memorial Legend Award which was given to Rockstar Games last week.

Our critics for this shoot included Harold Goldberg (Playboy mag), Anthony Agnello (Games Radar), Lucy Ungaro (Circle columnist), Sherri Smith (Tom’s Guide), Jason Cipriano (Spike TV), Jorge Jimenez (DualShockers), Sara Clemens (Videodame), John Azzilonna (The Away Cast), Jordan Minor (PC Mag) and Christopher Byrd (The Washington Post).

If you haven’t seen it, check it out. If you have, hey, it’s worth seeing again.



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