The Roundup: The Circle Speaks

By Harry Rabinowitz

An excellent Roundup this week from the hardworking folks of the Circle. Cheers!

Ben Gilbert gives us a break down of the current VR landscape, discussing Google Cardboard, Gear VR, Morpheus, Oculus, and Vive.

Ebenezer Samuel reviews Swords & Soldiers II, the simple, colorful, 2D, real-time strategy title for Wii U.

In her new column “Kicked It”, Sara Clemens discusses Perception, a Kickstarter horror title where players control a blind protagonist.

Chelsea Stark previews Mad Max, featuring ample open world wasteland car battles, at a Los Angeles press event

Matt Gerardi reports that Rockstar Games is suing BBC over their unauthorized in-the-works documentary on the creation of Grand Theft Auto.

Evan Narcisse reviews Sunset, the latest adventure offering from Tale of Tales, centered around an apartment, a fictional 70s Latin American civil war, and Angela.

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