The Roundup: The Circle Speaks

By Harry Rabinowitz

Like many others, I am both enthralled and enraged by From Software’s latest title Bloodborne. If, like me, you don’t own a PS4, I recommend going to a friend’s place and having a sleepover (remember those?). If you’re tired of hearing about Bloodborne, I’ve also got this week’s Roundup for you!  

Ebenezer Samuel reviews the aforementioned BloodborneHarold Goldberg also wrote some tips regarding the first few hours.

Dan Ackerman breaks down the new extremely powerful (and expensive) NVIDIA Titan X Graphics Card.

Jason Cipriano reviews Jamestown+, the indie bullethell game from Final Form Games, now on PS4.

Chris Plante tackles the comeback of VR in this episode of What’s Tech.

Jeff Bakalar (joined by Gamespot’s Chris Watters) gives their verdict on Battlefield: Hardline.

Samit Sarkar discusses Lost Within, Til Morning’s Light, and To-Fu Fury, three games previously exclusive to Amazon devices making their way to iOS.

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