The Roundup: The Circle Speaks

By Harry Rabinowitz

This week, Nintendo has decided to raid our Roundup. Phantom Dust, Final Fantasy Type-0, and TouchTone are also along for the ride.

Nintendo announced its foray into the world of mobile gaming last week. Chelsea Stark analyzes what that means for Nintendo and for consumers.

For some history behind Nintendo’s decision, Ben Gilbert charts the buildup to this important announcement.

In other Nintendo news, Scott Stein lays out his hopes for Nintendo’s newly announced mystery console, codename NX.

Jason Schreier has leaked information (including video) regarding the possibly cancelled Phantom Dust, a planned reboot of the 2004 Xbox cult hit.

Evan Narcisse discusses TouchTone, a new iOS puzzle game where players hack private data as a fictitious NSA agent. For Narcisse, the experience was enthralling and uncomfortable.

Anthony John Agnello reviews Final Fantasy Type-0, the, as he describes it, part fantasy game, part war documentary Final Fantasy experience.

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