The Roundup: The Circle Speaks

By Harry Rabinowitz

IGF, upcoming games, current games, interviews, and tech are all featured in this week’s Roundup.

Circle newcomer Joshua Rivera wraps up the 2015 Independent Games Festival with a list of winners and videos. Check it out!

Dan Ackerman reviews the NVIDIA Shield, “the world’s first Android TV console”.

Jason Schreier has a brief Q&A with Kodaka Kazutaka, writer of last year’s Vita hit Danganronpa.

Evan Narcisse reviews Pneuma: Breath of Life, the intriguing PC/Xbox One puzzle game with a self-aware, meta narrative.

Ben Gilbert discusses everything we know about the newly announced Rock Band 4.

Samit Sarkar plays the Final Fantasy 15 demo, titled Episode Duscae. While he admits he’s a Final Fantasy novice, that didn’t seem to matter all that much in FF15.

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