The Roundup: The Circle Speaks

By Harry Rabinowitz

You would think things would be slowing down now that the major release months are mostly behind us. You would be wrong. Games, tech, and more in this week’s Roundup!

Dan Ackerman reviews the Alienware Alpha, the first “Steam Machine”…only its not really a Steam Machine.

If the home console isn’t really your dream device, Chris Plante breaks down the best portable gaming consoles in this video-equipped feature.

Still playing Inquisition? Join the club. Lucas Siegel gives his thoughts on Dragon Age Inquisition and its rich story.

Ben Gilbert explains everything you need to know about the recently released Samsung Gear VR. He also played Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, a bomb-diffusing indie title for the headset.

Jill Scharr reviews the highly anticipated Game of Thrones – A Telltale Games Series, Episode 1 “Iron From Ice”. Chelsea Stark also reviews the game on Mashable.

Jason Cipriano reviews Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker on Spike with Anthony John Agnello’s review on DigitalTrends.

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