The Roundup: The Circle Speaks

By Harry Rabinowitz

As we approach the holidays, Circle members have been hard at work bringing you reviews, news, and the latest happenings in games!

Jorge Jimenez reviewed the hotly-anticipated Xbox One exclusive, Sunset Overdrive, over on DualshockersJeff Bakalar also reviewed the game over on CNET.

Craig Goldstein talked with police to compile a list of law enforcements’ favorite games. And yes, Lego Batman is one of them.

Samit Sakar reported on Extra Life’s annual “Game Day,” where participants raised over 5 million dollars for charity.

Jason Cipriano gave his review of Platinum’s The Legend of Korra, the developer’s first licensed, download-only title.

Lucas Siegel reviewed Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved, the Kinect-based music adventure by Harmonix.

Jeremy Voss picked up (and most likely put down)  Alien Isolation. Reads his thoughts on Shouts From The Couch.

As an extra bonus for the week, we’re also spotlighting Chelsea Stark‘s exclusive look at Condition One‘s first Oculus Rift documentary entitled Zero Point.

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