Arcade Fire #3: September 29 – October 4th ||


By Harry Rabinowitz

Here, we spotlight the movements, mods, and works of art within gaming culture for your ultimate enjoyment. The weekly post is your central point to see just how video games influence the world around us.

Also featured in this week’s Roundup, Joystiq’s Anthony John Agnello sat down with three professional artists to examine backgrounds from this collection of famous Street Fighter and King of Fighters backdrops.  Painter-lecturer Jessica Anne Clark explained the use of perspective and narrative in some boards, painter-illustrator Coreen Steinbach explored the background as a player-energizer, and MFA Jon Gourley highlighted the cultural imagery within the backdrops. The gifs and discussion from experts far outside the field of videogames are a treat.

Kill Screen’s Clayton Purdom took notice of Battle Chef Brigade, a game that aims to capture the drama, excitement, and challenge of a fantasy cooking competition. Purdom discussed the game’s major influence: Iron Chef, another extravagant competition.  Trinket Studios‘ (Tom Eastman, Eric Huang, and Ben Perez) fusion of two artforms: cooking and game-making, is somewhat inspiring.  Their Kickstarter reached its funding goal with 27 days to go.

Greg Carter and Cory Dydell are always making humorous and blunt commentary on the latest happenings in gaming culture.  This week, the pair’s comic strip notices the abundance of very specifically named groups and labels emerging these days.

We’re just getting warmed up! If you see anything that you feel is culturally relevant, artistic in merit, or just all-around cool for gamers — please don’t hesitate to leave a note for us in the comments section.

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