GIFT OF GAB: Unwinnable‘s Stu Horvath Discusses Games Journalism, Offers Advice And Video Game Virginity

With so much undesirunwinnable_0ed and unoriginal stuff on the web it is easy for one to get bored. What tips can you offer to the uninhibited masses who want to stand out online?
Be real. There’s so much artifice on the internet that honesty will make you shine like a lighthouse.

Be thoughtful. The internet is built on kneejerk reactions, so take your time and digest things before you comment on them.

Never limit yourself to one niche. Games are great, but there is a whole world out there that informs and contextualizes games (and vice versa). Always be broadening your horizons. Read, watch, listen to and play everything you can get your hands on, and do it with an open mind.

In the realm of games journalism, what are some untapped subjects or topics that you feel are being unaddressed in the industry?
I think, on the whole, we’re doing a good job keeping the conversation going across all topics, from hardware bench tests to issues of equality. I think we’re at the point where there is a site, or at the very least, a writer, for everyone.

The community could always use more voices, though. That’s why Unwinnable still has an open submission policy. Got something to say? Drop me a line.

As a New York Videogame Critics Circle member, how do you see the collective impacting the gaming scene in the Big Apple?
In all honesty, I’ve not been very active in the Circle of late, sadly. I think Harold does great work with it and it has helped underscored the importance of the New York gaming scene, something that was very much dismissed a few years ago. Strength in numbers!

This last question may be a bit uncouth, but when did you lose your videogame virginity? How was the experience?
My first experience with games was way back in 1982, when my father brought home a ColecoVision and it was enough of an occasion to bring two aunts, an uncle and my cousin over to see what the deal was. The experience for me was, in turns, frustrating (Smurf Adventure – who thought small piles of dirt could be so deadly to jump over?) and terrifying (Venture – the hall monsters still haunt my nightmares).

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