Arcade Fire #1: September 15 – 20th ||


Hello, Gamers! This is the inaugural post for our new franchise entitled ARCADE FIRE.

By Kevin L. Clark

Here, we spotlight the movements, mods, and works of art within gaming culture for your ultimate enjoyment. The weekly post will be your central point to see just how video games influence the world around us.

KILL SCREEN‘s Jamin Warren wrote about how Atli Bollason and Owen Hindley used Pong as an inspiration to revamp concept design. The duo managed to turn the building facade of the Harpa concert hall in Iceland into an open-air arcade. It is not the first time that a major city has been turned into a gamer’s paradise and surely it won’t be the last.

Itching for another fix of some world class basketball after Team USA decimated the global competition? Celebrated modder MGX brings his talents back to the hardwood for an intergalactic, futuristic battle for the ages. In what has become a staple in MkEliteWorksX cap, 2K SportsNBA 2K14 is reimagined with Darth Vader and son, Luke Skywalker, taking on the androids from I, Robot. It’s worth watching and downloading the mod to play against friends while waiting for the NBA season (or 2K15) to start.

8BitGamer always has something fresh and unique to offer when discussing video games and the culture. Enlisting the talents of writer Dragomir Simovic and artist Aleksandar Jovic, the duo take a stab at the not-so-beloved updates made to the popular Call of Duty franchise. If anything, I believe this particular gamer in the comic strip shares too much information.

We’re just getting warmed up! If you see anything that you feel is culturally relevant, artistic in merit, or just all-around cool for gamers — please don’t hesitate to leave a note for us in the comments section.

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