Polygon’s Samit Sakar: Madden Exhibit Curator

It’s a rarity that one of our members is asked to curate a museum exhibit.

But that’s just what’s happened with Polygon’s Samit Sarkar.

He curated and penned the excellent Madden exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens.

There to talk about the show, and about Madden’s 25 year history, were NFL superstars Marshall Faulk, Cam Newton and Michael Vick. They traded anecdotes about playing the video game. For instance, when Faulk was a kid, his mother constantly asked him to turn the game’s sound down because a Madden audio file (“Boom!”) kept repeating. It was maddening for her to hear.

But in our eyes, the real star of the event was the unassuming Samit. His prose, which appeared in large typeface on the w hite walls of the exhibit, included a timeline for the Madden game. Everything he wrote was crisp, clear, salient, and to the point. It’ll be a joy for casual museum-goers and for hard core fans alike to read.

So here’s to Samit Sarkar on his excellent accomplishment.

-Harold Goldberg, Founder




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