The New York Game Awards

The New York Game Awards is an annual award show produced by the nonprofit New York Videogame Critics Circle to recognize outstanding achievement in video games. The first awards were held in 2012 to honor the previous year’s contributions to the video game industry. New York Videogame Critics Circle’s goals are to promote education within the worlds of video game writing and journalism in the New York City area.

The New York Game Awards returns to the SVA Theatre January 16, 2024 to celebrate one of the best years in gaming!

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Why Do We Put on the New York Game Awards?

Yes, we love to celebrate our favorite games and the people who make them a reality. But The New York Game Awards is more than just an award show!

The New York Game Awards is our annual charity event. The New York Videogame Critics teaches and mentors underserved youth in order to create more diverse pathways towards careers in games journalism and game development. Through our Playing with Purpose writing programs, we provide students with the tools to become successful in the games industry.

Our interns are heavily involved with The New York Game Awards. At the 2023 awards, Senior Intern, Makeda Byfield co-hosted alongside Harold Goldberg and Reggie Fils-Aimé. Interns present awards and contribute to the development and journalistic coverage of the show.

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Rewatch the Previous Awards

New York Game Awards: Legends

Each year, The New York Videogame Critics Circle honors a game changer in the video games industry. The Andrew Yoon Legend Award recognizes those who have propelled the gaming world forward, celebrating their profound impact on an industry that continues to captivate and connect people worldwide.

The Journalism Award

The Games Journalism Award is given to one journalist or critic for distinguished contributions to the field during the voting year. The selected journalist will have best demonstrated traditional journalistic values, including–but not limited to–work that illuminates, contextualizes, entertains, exhibits lucid writing, sound reasoning, wit, integrity, et alia.

2022 Winner: Justin Hecket

The devil, as they say, is in the details, and Heckert has a collector’s eye for all those sumptuous, devilish little details: stacks of dog-eared magazines, the “cherry” plastic surrounding a vintage game cartridge worth $100,000… and the imprint of crushed carpet fibers that a 700 lb safe leaves after a thief drags it out the door.

See: Jason Brassard Spent His Lifetime Collecting the Rarest Video Games. Until the Heist.


The New York Videogame Critics Circle is an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


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