The Scare: No, It’s Not Too Early To Think About Halloween And Horror Games. Here’s Our Fear Fest Roundup!

By Valeisha Jackson

Fear Fest is a celebration of games involving anything horror-related. It’s not only a showcase of upcoming horror game trailers. It’s also LP’s (Let’s Plays) of those unreleased games recorded by popular influencers, and developer interviews. The full seven hours of the recent broadcast are above. But the list of some of the future creepy games I enjoyed most are written down below!

Choo Choo Charles

This survival horror game with trains may be really amazing. I love how there is more than one objective than running away from Charles, a train that seems to be a giant spider as well. This game is an open world horror game that gives you different tasks to complete while you have to watch out for your surroundings because if you make a wrong move, Charles would be able to find you easily. Another thing about this game that I love and really am excited for is how players would be able to fight Charles which is the main goal. Its also an adventure fighting game since players would be on a train stopping at different locations to gather materials to beat Charles. 

Ravenous Devils

This game is already out, but I like it anyway. I enjoyed the voice acting throughout the trailer. It gave a really creepy and horrific vibe since the characters in the game were chopping up dead bodies. This game reminds me of Cooking Mama, the old cooking simulator, with an add on of using dead people to be cooked into the food and serving it to people. That really intrigued me to want to play and I like the third-person perspective as well. This game also reminds me of Sweeney Todd, but different. I do really like that it has its own various tasks and everything so the killing doesn’t get boring. It’s on sale on Steam until 9/15, too.

Negative Atmosphere

I have known about this game for a few months and I am so excited for this game to be released. Looking at this new trailer of the game, I realized that there have been much more developments with the FPS, graphics, voice acting, etc. What I really like the most about the new developments is the voice acting. The main character used to quieter but now they speak. But I do hope to see more to have a better understanding of the storyline. Aside from that, this game really excites me. It gives off a fighting and adventure style game due to the robot suits you could wear and the monsters you have to kill. Additionally, the sound design is super eerie.


I like that this game is some type of outbreak that happens in the storyline to the point where you have to watch and be mindful of all of your surroundings so nothing would try to attack and kill you. It looks different, but it reminds me of Resident Evil because of the main character fighting off monsters that are trying to harm everything. If you don’t fight, no one will be able to save themselves. Lumencraft gives me a thrill of excitement. The storyline is perfect to me. I love games where I have to save myself and everyone else, basically being a hero. 

Nightmare Reaper

Within the first few seconds of the trailer, I was already amazed and super hype for this game. I was thrilled to find out that it’s already out! This game reminds me of that one scene in Stranger Things when Eleven killed everyone in the hospital she was kept in for the majority of her life. I love the different graphics and FPS elements as the trailer continues. It looks a lot like Minecraft and an old retro game style, but it looks like there are graphic novel elements as well. Overall, this game looks really fun playing as the main character who has to go on a killing spree. However, I’d love to grasp a better understanding of the storyline before I play. Also, the pumping, pulsing metal soundtrack is made by the person who did Doom Eternal.


I love that this game is underwater, which can be a kind of horror in itself, and I really love the style and atmosphere that reminds me of Limbo. What really brought my attention to this game was when I saw the little boy swim out of a giant fish. Underwater, there are mysteries and scares that seem to abound at every turn. I really can’t wait to play this game. I love that this trailer said so little but so much at the same time. It left me wondering why the character was under water inside of a giant fish resting and if they have powers to kill giant sea animals that may try to harm them. What is their purpose of being undersea?

Shardpunk: Verminfall

Rats! Not rats like Pizza Rat in the subway. Bigger, angrier ones! What I really like about this game is the art style and graphics. This gives off a retro game from the early days of games. I like that this game has different types of enemies. In Shard Punk, the characters have to go against rodents. This game also looks really easy to play which makes me eager to indulge it since I get a good kick out of easy games. But that may be deceiving because there’s a resource management element – you might not have enough ammo or guns to kill the big rats. There are different tasks that you have to follow and it would be great if you were basically guided throughout the entire game. I like that because you wouldn’t be stuck on anything or left to figure out what to do next on your own.

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