The Podcast: All About Borderlands 3’s New Gameplay And Story With Senior Writer Danny Homan. There’s Irony! Cynicism! And Hope? You Decide!

It’s all Borderlands 3! After playing two new hours of this humor-filled open world experience, New York Videogame Critics Circle president and editor in chief Harold Goldberg and senior DreamYard intern Kimari Rennis interviewed Borderlands 3 Senior Writer Danny Homan.

Danny expounds upon the motivations of those wonderfully insane Calypso Twins, the brilliance and loneliness of streaming, how he rarely shelves a character he creates, and, of course, Fl4K The Beastmaster. What is Gearbox Software trying to do with its ironic story and Flash-paced gameplay as it moves beyond the world of Pandora with Psychos, Skags, and Badasses galore? We aim to find out.

Finally, Danny comes from thoughtful, writerly stock. Along with his father Sidney, who is a professor of English at UFL, Danny really got deep with this scholarly article
“The Interactive Theater of Video Games: The Gamer as Playwright, Director, and Actor.”

If you only read the abstract, you’ll have learned something cool and important.

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