Destiny 2: Desultory, Haphazard Notes On A Blockbuster

By Harold Goldberg

*Generally, people know the shooter genre isn’t my favorite. However, I do like shooters when the writing is stellar (like that in the generally terrific BioShock series). But I’m very much looking forward to this blockbuster/juggernaut due to the writing. That’s partially because Jill Scharr, our awesome former intern, is one of the writers on Destiny 2. I’d like to think I taught Jill Scharr a thing or two while she was here, but she’s super smart and inventive from the get-go. She’d have excelled without The Circle. But I’m so glad she was here with us for a while.

Jill also was the first host and one of the creators of our Full Circle show. Our intrepid Victor Kalogiannis shot and edited it. From the archives, here’s the first one.


*Activision sent me this oversized Collector’s Edition. It’s definitely the heaviest Collector’s Edition I’ve received in recent memory, perhaps ever. I pulled it out of the box, and stared at it in awe. I’ve been around popular culture a long time as a writer, but I still get a tyke-like sense of wonder about this kind of thing.


*We’ll have writers Jeffrey Mizrahi and Donovan Floyd take the deep dive into Destiny 2 for us. There’s more to come from me and from us!

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