The Roundup: Tekken 7, FIFA 18, Evil Genius 2, Cuphead, WoW 7.3 Argus


Hey, guys! Jon here with another Circle Roundup.

I can’t believe I missed Tekken 7 last month. That mistake was amended for this Roundup. We also have a lot of news on indie games, the end of a Warcraft era, desperately driving away from zombies, and soccer.

And with that, the Roundup!

Jordan Minor, in his ongoing crusade to champion games on Switch that aren’t The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, sincerely recommends Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. It’s an awesome platforming series that’s had a cult following since its handheld days. Check out the review here.

Jeff Bakalar is guessing that the SNES Classic is going to be a hot purchase for this holiday season, and Jeff would be right — the hype for this product is high but Nintendo will be producing a limited supply. Watch his video for tips on how to snag one of your own and see how it scales next to a bagel here.

Eb Samuel reviewed Tekken 7, a welcome entry in a year that’s been disappointing to fighting game fans. Akuma is in the game for some reason and the story is as zany as ever, but most importantly, the game plays great. It has the depth that hardcore fans expect and introduces characters built to ease new players into the franchise. Read the review here.

Russ Frushtick and the Awful Squad tried out PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds upcoming zombie gameplay mode. Yes, as a nod to its granddaddy Day Z, PUBG will be introducing a zombie mode of its own. PUBG is famous for being a fruitful garden of hilarious emergent gameplay, so expect shenanigans. Watch said shenanigans here.

Samit Sarkar played FIFA 18 on the Switch, and it was surprisingly good. It is a sequel in more than one respect, namely because it is a continuation of The Journey, the new narrative-driven single-player mode introduced in FIFA 17. Check out the first impressions here.

And now for news outside of the Circle. . .

Rebellion Games announced Evil Genius 2! The first Evil Genius was a dungeon builder in the tradition of Dungeon Keeper, but with a 60s spy thriller twist. As the eponymous Evil Genius, players managed an evil lair, expanded their criminal empire, and fended off a diverse cast of super spies trying to thwart their sinister machinations. Watch the announcement here.

Let’s give the little guys some love. Get Indie Gaming is a channel devoted to covering indie games. As of July 17, there are seven titles they are looking forward to in particular. Watch them here.

UC Irvine has added Overwatch to its list of esports scholarship programs. While good news for Overwatch players, it’s an odd move. The Overwatch professional scene is in troubled times — several top teams have already disbanded, mid-tier pros are quitting to invest in other games, and Blizzard has yet to release any new information on the Overwatch League. Read more here.

Cuphead is an upcoming platformer that looks like a gorgeous gamified cartoon from the 1930s. The two brothers who are developing it also quit their jobs and remortgaged their houses to get it made. Despite the Pre-Golden Age Disney look, the game takes its mechanical inspiration from shooting platformers like Contra more than Mario. Read about it here.

World of Warcraft Patch 7.3 went up on the Public Test Realms earlier this week, and it’s significant for one big reason — it contains a raid on Argus, home of the eredar and draenei, and the stronghold of the Burning Legion. The current WoW expansion, Legion, marks the conclusion of a 15-year storyline that started in Warcraft 3. Well, it started in the first Warcraft if you want to get technical and include the retcons. Still, it’s a historic closure to an epic timeline that many gamers have been following for over half their lives. Read about it here.

And that’s it for this week! Tune in next week for another Roundup!

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