The Roundup: The Circle Speaks

By Harry Rabinowitz

Surprising no one, I could not get a ticket to tomorrow’s League games. Hopefully you were luckier than I. Who knows, maybe you’ll bump into Harold Goldberg while you’re there!

Ben Gilbert gives a break down of tomorrow’s League of Legends series happening right here in Madison Square Garden.

Chelsea Stark debuts The Path to Luma, an upcoming mobile puzzler about spreading clean energy across the galaxy.

Jason Cipriano reviews King’s Quest: Chapter 1 – A Knight to Remember, an adventure oldie re-envisioned for the new age.

Stu Horvath and the gang get together, drink, and talk D&D in another episode of Eye of the Beerholder.

Dan Ackerman reviews the Asus G751J G-Sync, an updated gaming laptop prominently featuring NVIDIA’s new tech.

Matt Gerardi recommends Rising Thunder, the new PC fighting game built as a Street Fighter-esk “brawler with simplicity in mind“.

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