Circle Community Party 7/28. Come One, Come All!!!

by Harold Goldberg

It’s happening again: one of our rare (but popular) public events! The New York Videogame Critics Circle summer community party takes place on Tuesday, July 28th, 7 p.m. at Barcade New York, 148 West 24th Street.

You’ll get meet many of our members folks like John Azzilonna, Samit Sarkar  and Evan Narcisse. You’ll drink. You’ll converse. You’ll play games!

This year, we’re also giving away some great stuff in a contest.

1) An autographed copy of Armada by Ernie Cline. Ernie’s been kind enough to sign a book for us.

2) A signed copy of my narrative history of games, All Your Base Are Belong to Us (How 50 Years of Videogames Conquered Pop Culture). I bought my own book for you, didn’t get it free!

3) Other stuff like The Witcher 3 graphic novel!

You can RSVP right here.

Come on down! It’ll be awesome. Sonic’s knows. He’s on his way to New York right now!


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