The Roundup: The Circle Speaks

Glued to your Twitch TV in hopes of catching the latest Gamescom news?! Be sure to check out the 14 Reasons Our Community Event Rocked by clicking here!

Critics Circle co-founder Evan Narcisse chronicles history as an unreleased Duke Nukem game finds it way into the Library of Congress.

Dan Ackerman of CNET gives PC gamers some hope in his first look at Dell‘s smaller-screen gaming laptop, the Alienware 13.

Joystiq‘s Anthony John Agnello helps first-person shooting aficionados witness the world premiere of Sledgehammer GamesCall Of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer.

For gamers disappointed that they have to wait until next year to play EVOLVE, Digital TrendsAdam Rosenberg has some good news for those who are patient little monsters.

Remedy Entertainment promised big things with their announcement of Quantum Break. According to Polygon‘s Chris Plante, it seems as if they have fulfilled their word by creating a game that feels like a merging of Alan Wake and Max Payne.

If getting up at 8:00am on a Tuesday was too early for you, don’t worry. Mashable‘s colorful champion of the pen, Chelsea Stark, has the latest news from Gamescom, as Rise of the Tomb Raider will be an Xbox-exclusive title.

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