The Roundup: The Circle Speaks

By: Sarah Awad

Every week, writing from our Circle members will be featured here for others to check out. Let this cold November commence with some diverse and insightful pieces

Kotaku’s Evan Narcisse gives us the best iPad games

Russ Frushtick of Polygon has a Call of Duty: Ghosts Review

Anthony Agnello compares Batman: Arkham Origins to a classic breakfast food via Gameological Society

Kotaku’s Tina Amini talks Clementine in The Walking Dead: Season Two 

Ben Gilbert of Engadget has seen some Steam Controller prototypes

Polygon’s Chris Plante shares an interview with EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson

Chelsea Stark via Mashable accounts last week’s charity gaming event

3D printed, wearable fingernails?  Check out Sarah Awad’s collaboration with fellow “Laser Girl” member Dhemerae Ford

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