The Roundup: The Circle Speaks

Every week, writing from our Circle members will be featured here for others to check out. Enjoy this week’s diverse and insightful pieces.

by Sarah Awad

Kotaku’s Evan Narcisse talks about his interesting week within the GTA Online universe

Dan Ackerman of CNET gives us the DL on the best PC gaming Laptops

Anthony Agnello reviews Rain at Gameological Society

Jeff Bakalar’s newest 404 Podcast— Where Banksy Wears Camoflage

Engadget’s Ben Gilbert and Kotaku’s Jason Schreier share their thoughts on Valve’s

Adam Rosenberg of Digital Trends chats with a guy named Ken Levine about BioShock Infinite’s DLC, Burial at Sea 

Samit Sakar of Polygon updates us on the use of NCCA Football.

And Harold Goldberg writes about the eclectic games of IndieCade for The New York Times Arts & Leisure section.

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