Critics Circle Members

Many (but not all) of our members were Award presenters at the 10th Annual New York Games Awards on 1/26/21. Board member Reggie Fils-Aimé also attended the virtual ceremony.

Here’s Who We Are, Circa 2023:

Harold Goldberg, Founder, Editor in Chief:
Outlets: Observer, New York Magazine, Washington Post 

Andrew Yoon, Founding Member


Helen Pfeffer
Senior Editor

Elizabeth Ballou
Contributing Writer/Mentor

Kimari Rennis
Senior Intern/Contributing Writer from NYU’s Game Center

Ronald Gordon
Senior Intern/Contributing Writer from CitiTech College

Isaac Espinosa
Senior Intern/Contributing Writer/Asst. Mentor

Jade Entien
Senior Intern/Contributing Writer

Makeda Byfield
Senior Intern/Contributing Writer

Sarah Granoff
Intern/Contributing Writer/Mentor from NYU’s Game Center

Valeisha Jackson
Contributing Writer/Intern

Karoline Castillo-Troncoso
Contributing Writer/Intern

Khloe Wilkerson
Contributing Writer/Intern

Jatin Gundara
Contributing Writer/Intern

Jeison Liranzo
Contributing Writer

Imani Brown
Contributing Writer


Dan Ackerman

Craig Goldstein
Contributor, NYVGCC

Lev Grossman (Honorary Member)
The Magicians

Jorge Jimenez
PC Gamer

Victor Kalogiannis
NYVGCC Videographer/Director

Chuck Moran

Samit Sarkar

Eb Samuel
New York Daily News 

Sherri L. Smith
Laptop Magazine

Scott Stein

Nick Capozzoli
Journalism Award Chair 

John Azzilonna
NY Game Awards Creative Director

Sara Clemens
Videodame, Unwinnable

Jordan Minor
PC Mag

Christopher Byrd
Washington Post

Michelle Ehrhardt

Mike Andronico
CNN Underscored

Imad Khan

Patrick Lucas Austin

Whitney Meers
The Gamer

Lisa Marie Segarra

Jonathan Lee
Washington Post

Stephen Totilo

Tony Polanco
PC Mag, Throwdown Show

Alyssa Mercante

Carolyn Petit

Adam Siddiqui
GA Weekly, IGN

Giovanni Colantonio
Digital Trends




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