Critics Circle Members


At the New York Game Awards 2018, here’s half of our group – along with Awards host Devin Delliquanti from The Daily Show.

Here’s Who We Are, Circa 2019:

Harold Goldberg, Founder, Editor in Chief:
Outlets: New York Magazine, NPR, Boys’ Life, Washington Post 

Andrew Yoon, Founding Member

Helen Pfeffer
Senior Editor

Shane Ferguson
Contributing Writer

Connor Carson
Intern/Contributing Writer from NYU’s Game Center

Elizabeth Ballou
Contributing Writer from NYU’s Game Center

Kimari Rennis
Senior Intern/Contributing Writer from The DreamYard Prep School

Ronald Gordon
Senior Intern/Contributing Writer from CitiTech College

Desiree Bonilla
Intern/Contributing Writer from the Orlando Videogame Critics Circle

Issac Espinosa
Intern/Contributing Writer from Lehman College Videogame Critics Circle

Zante Barker
Intern/Contributing Writer from The DreamYard Prep School


Dan Ackerman

Anthony Agnello

Jason Cipriano

Craig Goldstein
Contributor, NYVGCC

Lev Grossman (Honorary Member)
The Magicians

Stu Horvath

Jorge Jimenez
WCCF Tech, Joystickin’

Victor Kalogiannis
NYVGCC Videographer

Chuck Moran

Samit Sarkar

Eb Samuel
New York Daily News 

Sherri L. Smith
Tom’s Guide

Scott Stein

Nick Capozzoli

John Azzilonna
Time (Graphics)

Sara Clemens
Videodame, Unwinnable

Joshua Rivera

Matt Gerardi
A.V. Club

Jordan Minor

Christopher Byrd
Washington Post

Michelle Ehrhardt
Kill Screen, Out

Mike Thomsen
The New Yorker, Washington Post

Austin Walker

Mike Andronico
Tom’s Guide

Heather Alexandra

Daniel Howley

Imad Khan

Libe Ackerman

Felicia Miranda
Digital Trends

Jeffrey Mizrahi
CharlieINTEL, Faster Than Reloading Podcast

Patrick Lucas Austin



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