The Halloween Bonus of Undead Nightmare

A while back, I spent many, many hours with Sam Houser at Rockstar Games. We talked about, well, everything under the sun for a narrative history of videogames that will be published next April.

Houser’s mind is imbued with a wonderfully extreme, dedicated passion for games and an abiding, maven-like hunger to understand American popular culture.

I’d been unapologetically enthusiastic about the content since I previewed the game for G4TV.  So yesterday, when the latest trailer for Undead Nightmare was released to the media, it was not unusual to see that Rockstar had gone the extra mile. Sure, the  artwork and gameplay in Undead Overrun looks compellingly horrific.

But beyond that, the narrator was doing this Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett thing, a Monster Mash-like rhyme, humorous, dangerous and with a wild rhythm.

It not only put me in the frame of mind to play Undead Nightmare. It made me happily consider all those kitschy Halloween novelty songs and sound effects disks which have a place in our hearts and minds. It made me want to write my own kitschy Halloween poem, too. Or watch an old 70s B-movie like Zombi 2.

-Harold Goldberg

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