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As the doors to E3 open, relax after a long day of excitement with some reads from your fellow members!

Mashable’s Chelsea Stark advises us on what to look out for this E3

Dan Ackerma’s got PC gaming at E3 via CNET

Jeff Bakalar’s 404 Podcast celebrates a satisfying milestone!

MTV’s Craig Goldstein retells the story of Chris Kooluris, this time with a little help from the man himself

Stu Horvath of Unwinnable interviews Laird Barron

Adam Rosenberg talks Fantasia: Music Evolved via Digital Trends



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Russ Frushstick has the best of April via Polygon 

Joystiq’s Anthony Agnello talks League of Legends with the Voices of League of Legends playing League of Legends… You got that? 

Jeff Bakalar’s 404 Podcast talks MLB for PS4


Stu Horvath and Jill Scharr have a comics roundup via Unwinnable  

Mashable’s Chelsea Stark talks the art of icons… Game icons… like, on your phone icons 


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By Sarah Awad

Dan Ackerman reviews the new Chrome OS laptops via CNET

Jeff Bakalar’s 404 Podcast talks Facebook 

 Engadget’s Ben Gilbert has some (poorly played) Titanfall

Chris Plante of Polygon has a feature on the Street Fighter movie

Samit Sarkar has Capcom Pro Tour info via Polygon

Shouts from the Couch’s Jeremy Voss has something to say about South Park and health insurance


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Kick off the wildcard weather month of March with some Circle reads

Jeff Bakalar’s CBS – 404 Podcast has special guest Kofi Outlaw

Kotaku’s Jason Schreier tells a story of his Final Fantasy love 

Scott Stein has something to say about wearable tech via CNET: 

Jeremy Voss of Shouts from the Couch takes us through his first several hours of Thief 


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By Sarah Awad

The Circle was chatty this week!  Check out what they had to say!

Anthony Agnello has another Tiny Streams on Titanfall via Joystiq

Jeff Bakalar’s 404 Podcast has an Olympic theme this week

Ben Gilbert talks Harmonix’s new dance-y shooter on engagdet

Craig Goldstein interviews a B-Baller via MTV

Stu Horvath of Unwinnable asks if you have seen the yellow sign 

Polygon’s Chris Plante reviews Earth Defense Force 2005

Samit Sarkar of Polygon has some Broken Age news

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“The History of Future Folk” is everything an indie movie should be: touching, cool, quirky, inventive. When we discovered that Jay Klaitz, one half of the Sci-Fi inspired duo, played Lester in Grand Theft Auto V, we just had to have them play at the Circle Awards. We’re so very happy that they agreed to perform. They rocked it! Or as they Future Folk would say, “Hondo!”24 (1)IMG_1733

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Celebrate President’s Day with some Circle reads!

Evan Narcisse of Kotaku talks Threes

Joystiq’s Anthony Agnello has a Tiny Streams on Dungeon of Endless 

Jeff Bakalar has a variety of stories on this week‘s 404 Podcast 

Ben Gilbert talks violence in The Last of Us via Engadget

Samit Sakar of Polygon reports on BitSummit’s announcement at IndieCade East 

Chelsea Stark has games to quench our sadness over Flappy Bird via Mashable 


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We’re happy to announce that Robin Yang is the official artist for the 3rd Annual NY Videogame Critics Circle Awards on Tuesday, February 11th.

Robin’s brilliant painting below suggests the constellation Lyra in the form of a celestial fountain pen. Below the deep blue sky at night, critics encircle a raging campfire in winter, contemplating their craft and, of course, the peaks and nadirs of videogames.

Robin’s artwork will appear on our program and during the Awards Ceremony on Tuesday.


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By Sarah Awad

Kicking off February (and the Circle Awards!!) with some circle speaking!

Evan Narcisse of Kotaku has some Nintendo insight 

Anthony Agnello reminisces Fable via Joystiq 

Jeff Bakalar’s CBS – 404 Podcast scratches the outer limits 

Kotaku’s Tina Amini has some behind the scene controller fabrication awesomeness 

Jill Scharr of Tom’s Guide give us the DL on SteamOS

Mashable’s Chelsea has some tips for Nintendo 



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By Sarah Awad

Check out these Circle pieces name packed with inform-ity!

Russ Frushtick has a review of Nidhogg 

Dan Ackerman at CNET tells us what we need to know about Steam Machines and SteamOS

Jeff Bakalar’s 404 Podcast discusses the Facebook Princeton study

Ben Gilbert lets us know if Google is actually listening to our conversations via Engadget 

Craig Goldstein interviews 50 Cent at CES via MTV GuyCode 

Mashable’s Chelsea Stark explores how game designers can make the best out of Kickstarter

Scott Stein compares Apple controller via CNET 

Shouts from the Couch’s Jeremy Voss has more thoughts on Broken Age 

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